In recent years, many businesses that failed to adopt digital marketing had either closed down or been downsized dramatically during the Covid19 pandemic.

As more businesses see the importance of digital marketing, it has seen a dramatic increase in popularity and the demand increase to look for professionals who can help them reach their target audience online.

However, many businesses will likely face several complicating factors to find a digital marketing professional.

First, the number of qualified professionals is growing increasingly scarce.

Second, the field is evolving so rapidly that many professionals are not keeping up with the latest trends and developments.

Finally, most businesses do not have the budget to employ a full-time digital marketing professional, so they must instead turn to freelance or contract services.

As a result, finding and hiring a qualified digital marketing professional is difficult and time-consuming for businesses.

Digital marketing is becoming increasingly critical, so if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you should consider having a digital marketing certification, especially if you plan to pursue a career in digital marketing.

With so many online courses available, deciding which one to take can be challenging. But don’t worry, let me share the Udacity Digital Marketing NanoDegree program with you and give you three benefits on why I decided to take the Nanodegree program.


udacity online learning nanodegree


Online Learning

First, this is the main factor that got me into joining this digital marketing nano degree program.

As working adults that need to juggle between work and family, it will be tough for us to cater a few days a week to go to school and attend evening lessons.

That is why online learning is excellent for us. It allows us to study by watching learning videos during our free time.


Getting The Right Skill Sets

The program lecturer are digital marketing experts from various industries, and they partner with multiple companies to share their knowledge and experience during the program

Besides that, the program will also help you in the following.

– You will also learn the basics of digital marketing

– You will be able to improve your skills quickly

– You will be able to work with real-world businesses


awesome support team


Great Community and Support

Besides the excellent learning experience and skill sets, the Udacity program offers a variety of online resources.

They also provide weekly live sessions with the session leads to learn and discuss our projects and a community forum to communicate with the relevant parties and students.



As working professionals, we would likely be busy with our work and datelines to meet. We might also need to juggle between work and family.

As such, we need to find a certification program that is flexible and able to suit our schedule without affecting our daily work.

In addition, the support team behind the program is also very crucial to us as we would be able to get help fast when we encounter some learning difficulties.

The above benefits I shared are some key reasons that made me consider signing up for the Udacity Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program.

If you are interested in digital marketing and are keen to improve your knowledge or are keen on pursuing a digital marketing career, you should consider taking this program.



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