A distribution list or business mailing list is one of the great dynamics a business could procure to be successful in the market.

However, it is also one of the most difficult objectives of a business unless the proper tools and solutions are deployed consistently with diligence.

A strong business mailing list must be of high quality and responsive comprising loyal customers who would have no hesitation in making repeated purchases from the company while potential business leads on the list would be strong supporters of the company and brand until they are converted into customers.


Building Options

The market offers many ways to develop a good mailing list cheaply or even for free. This is excellent news for new or small businesses with a tight marketing budget.

It is possible for these companies to survive in a competitive market as they build a mailing list from scratch using available free or cheap marketing tools and solutions.

These companies need not fear the big players in the market as they slowly build up a strong list of loyal customers who support their brand and business if their marketers deploy the right marketing strategies to build their list as well.

Marketers and business owners could consider one or multiple free or cheap list building options in the market to grow their business lists. Two popular options are Solo-Ads and Ad-Swaps.


1) Solo Ads

Solo ads are dynamic in building a strong mailing list as these are very focused on targeted niche markets.

A solo ad could be deployed when the marketer makes use of an existing distribution list to convey its business message immediately through an online ad that is sent out via email from the list supplier.

The emails are sent out on behalf of the marketer with an ad that is focused on the company brand and offers.

The Solo ad has a link to the company website which directs the web visitor to the company squeeze page or landing page where web visitors would be invited to opt into the company mailing list by giving their email address or contact information.

Once the web visitor subscribes to the mailing list invitation, the marketer has a good business opportunity to connect with more relevant business offers via email autoresponder that should convert the web visitor into a customer from a potential business lead.


Good Solo Ads Dynamics

A well designed solo ad is very effective when the right list is deployed as the email advert compels the email recipients to consider the business offerings stated in the solo advertisement.

Hence, it is crucial to design the solo ad effectively to achieve its purpose of generating organic leads for the business.

The marketers or business owners should design the solo ad before passing it over to the list supplier to be included in the email send-out.

This is because the marketers or business owners know the benefits of their brand, products or services to write a better ad than the supplier.

The solo ad must be developed for targeted audiences for the best results. Reputed list suppliers are critical to the success of solo ads marketing.

Marketers should check that the supplier’s distribution list is relevant to their business with potential business leads which would respond favourably to their solo ads.

An effective Solo ad must be precise and short with a captivating title and message that would capture the attention of the recipients.

It must be dynamic in presentation that would compel recipients to read through the entire solo ad and be stirred with curiosity and interest to check out the bargains or benefits stipulated.

A well designed Solo ad must be personal to address the recipients warmly that would have them open up to the brand and offer.

A personalized approach works well in gaining the respect and attention of the recipient. There should be a link on the Solo ad which would direct the email recipient to the company squeeze page where contact information could be collected by asking the web visitor in an appealing and attractive manner.

The contact information of the web visitor could be garnered through various approaches which would place them on the business mailing list for more business opportunities.

Freebies are very effective as they are highly enticing to web visitors who love a free gift, especially one that is useful and appealing.

The Solo ad could be made more appealing with the inclusion of a success story or a favourable testimonial from satisfied customers.

The whole ad presentation should be in a professional format and style for easy reading and digestion of contents.


2) Ad-Swaps

Ad Swaps are not very much different from Solo ads, although the former is just as popular for marketers and business owners who have some mailing list records.

The objective or intention of Ad Swaps is to procure different distribution list members for the company to promote their brand and business offerings.

An Ad-Swap has a similar bottom-line objective as Solo ads where the business message is conveyed to an identified group of target niche market and the customer information may not belong to the marketer or business owner, but some other who is willing to exchange or swap customer records to extend their customer scope for a particular marketing endeavour via solo ads.

Hence, business owners and marketers would need to seek out similar business associates with a distribution list to execute the exchange of customer contact information.

This approach is very attractive as the mutual exchange need not transpire at any cost. Both companies do not incur any cost when they agree to swap contacts to further their marketing endeavours with new potential business leads from each other.

Ad Swap marketing is most effective when contacts in the same niche market are identified and exchanged for the apt marketing campaign to be successful.

It is important then for marketers and business owners to seek and establish good connections with their market peers to become business associates instead of competitors. This perspective works to benefit both parties.