Today, every modern business is on the Internet to win over the growing number of web consumers flooding the web.

It could be said that marketers and business entrepreneurs should be having a field day getting their business leads without a problem, but this is far from the truth.

Having a growing number of web consumers on the Internet daily by billions plying popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter does not guarantee more leads and sales for the business if the proper marketing strategies and tools are not well deployed.

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Generating Apt Ad Headlines

Internet entrepreneurs and marketers tend to waste a lot of their marketing budget with high advertising expenses on poorly written ad headlines.

Although they are well aware of the powerful dynamics of excellent ad copies to impact targeted audiences, many of them miss the boat in closing the deals on their niche markets.

Poorly worded headlines in ad copy bring about disastrous results for the company. A lower click-through rate is a no brainer with fewer potential leads garnered and ultimately lower sales and profit.

The headline is the most critical section of a sales copy as it directs the readers to what awaits them in the copy body. If the headline is not read, the whole copy is a waste as there would be no leads or sales generated.

Many companies tend to go overboard with copy headlines. There are a lot of exaggerations and flowery words that tend to hide the essence of the advertising content to miss the true mark.

Sometimes, being overly creative with ad copy headlines does not pay off when the marketer does not know the targeted audience’s needs or requirements or sentiments.


Types of Ad Copy Headlines

Internet marketers and business entrepreneurs could engage in one of two types of ad copy headlines for a dynamic ad copy campaign.

However, marketers and business entrepreneurs need to learn and understand the two types before indulging in either to procure the best outcomes.


1) Teaser Headline

A teaser headline is designed to stir up curiosity and interest in readers with a tease on the headline that prompt readers to open and read the mail.

However, a teaser headline may not be related to the body section’s copy contents.

This could be a teaser headline problem, as readers may feel cheated or misled by the line.

Moreover, a teaser headline isa long shot in the dark or a bet. Hence, an intriguing headline is generated to stir up the reader’s curiosity to be satisfied with the opening of the mail.

A teaser headline is known to be high risk to business entrepreneurs and marketers who are unfamiliar with the market unless they are really desperate to stake their all with this bet.


2) The Benefit Headline

The benefit headline implies some benefit awaiting the reader who would open and read the copy contents.

This is a more straightforward marketing approach that saves time and money with improved productivity and enhanced performance at the end of the day.

This type of ad copy headline complies with standard regulations readily to be accepted by most parties while setting the business on the right marketing track that could offer an edge on the competition.

The benefit headlines in copywriting marketing strategy work as the concept is a proven formula over time.

Research indicates that consumers are drawn to benefits and value-added offers more than empty promises as modern consumers today are more discerning over ad copy offers.

As the saying goes, “The truth prevails”; so it is with benefit headlines that convey the exact benefits expected by readers if they would open up the ad and read its contents.

This is the type of ads consumers want and marketers need to heed their demands and feedback.


Marketers’ Approach

The best approach which marketers could adopt is to identify targeted niche markets for their ads campaign.

These should be potential business leads that are likely to support the brand and business, and of whom marketers would not need to spend too much time connecting with and building a good customer relationship.

Even the best of headlines must pertain to the right audience for an impact that brings forth desired results.

A passionate marketer or business entrepreneur could be a professional copywriter with the right skills and business objectives clearly defined.

Compelling or attention-grabbing ad copy headlines are crucial to attracting business prospects in a click-through on the ad to read the rest of its contents for the best to come.

There is no chance of closing a sale if the consumer is not interested to check out the offer. Hence, a good headline must effectively capture the consumer’s attention to be a potential lead where an opportunity is given to the marketer to present the best business offer.

The business entrepreneur or marketer can become an excellent copywriter through the myriad of available tools, techniques and experts in the market; many of which are free and easy to pick up.

There is no lack of published materials on writing excellent ad copy and its headlines with proven formulas and tested successful examples.

Marketers could refer to online and offsite examples for effective ad copy headlines where verbatim headlines could be applied with pictures and images on successful ads.

It may take some time to learn and improve on writing great ad copy headlines, but it is a possible feat unless one prefers the shortcut of hiring professional copywriters, which come with pros and cons.



More leads and sales are possible through the power of masterful headlines in a well-designed ad copy.

For example, a successful ad could be designed with a headline of a negative idea or straightforward benefit that would attract targeted readers’ attention.

However, marketers need to be wary of engaging teaser headlines in their ad copy strategy, which may cause a backlash from readers on misleading ads.

A good ad copy needs excellent headlines!


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