This article first appeared at Elite Traffic Club on 4/7/2020

Internet marketers are always exploring dynamic online marketing techniques and tools to get preferred web traffic to their websites.

Email marketing is one of the methods that help them generate relevant leads to opt into their business mailing list.

Every online business will need a constant flow of traffic to convert into potential customers with repeat sales for financially rewarding revenues.


Unconventional Marketing

Business owners and also marketers professionals may need to consider deploying combined marketing techniques that can produce more significant business outcomes rather than using one type of marketing technique.

A mixed combination of marketing techniques is usually preferred as there could be a higher synergy between the methods.

It is common to have various marketing techniques been deploy to generate the best returns on their marketing endeavours.

The selection of marketing techniques could include traditional and conventional choices; these are effective in creating web traffic to boost your business or service.

However, there are occasions where an unconventional technique could be experimented with or executed as part of the usual marketing strategy to gain more exposure for better business development.

This will lead to the implementation of an email marketing list through solo ads.


Solo Ads Dynamics

Dynamics online advertising and marketing is highly sought after to enhance the online market presence of the business brand or company.

This is where solo ads come on highly in promoting all types of businesses regardless of size and industry.

Dynamic online marketing approaches such as Ezine advertising and marketing form versatile email marketing solutions for business owners as well as online marketers to produce more traffic to their website.

Solo ads involve looking for the best of leads suppliers in the market, owning a huge leads list or opt-in list for your business’s industry.

This list must have accurate email addresses that the respective online marketers need to follow up when the consumers opt-in to the business mailing list on their website.

When the marketer had identified a reliable list supplier and also verify that the email list is suitable to boost web traffic for the business website, the online marketers or business owners would then proceed to purchase advertising space in the supplier’s email list or e-newsletters.

These targeted leads would then be able to view the business ad or offer on their email from the supplier.

There should be a link for all targeted leads to be able to click on and directed to the marketer’s business website for more details about the promoted offer.

When the solo ads display to the right types of leads, it could bring more dynamic web traffic that could boost the business as these targeted leads could also be their potential business prospects.

Higher advertising and marketing success could be achieved through solo ads on creating potential business leads.

It could also bring more sales as you are building a targeted business leads list that is relevant to your business niche through this option.

Solo ads are an effective way of marketing to help businesses in adding more potential customers into their database consistently that might bring rewarding returns to their business gradually if the marketing technique is managed correctly.

It is an investment marketing method to help marketers or business owners who want to kick start their online business with some targeted business leads or potential customers quickly.

It will also help them to save time searching high low for potential customers on the Internet when the new business owners might not be familiar with the various Internet marketing techniques.


Solo Ads Tips and Tricks

We have come out with various solo ads tips and tricks to help marketers and business owners to get better results and outcomes with solo ads.


1) Learn and Research

The best way to begin is to do research and also learn all about solo ads before you start your solo ads campaign.

There are various types of ad formats that could be designed to make it more effective for the business.

You can also find multiple useful online tutorials on the Internet to help you learn about solo ads and how to use this marketing strategy to grow your business.


2) Find A Trustworthy Supplier

It is crucial to find a trustworthy or reliable solo ads supplier that can supply excellent and relevant leads if the marketers want to build up their email list through solo ads.

The suppliers’ email leads list need to be in similar targeted niche markets. A trustworthy supplier would certainly supply fresh potential leads that would undoubtedly boost service growth and also advancement without wasting the marketer’s time and also cost to get established in the market.


3) Negotiate Deals For Solo Ads Campaign

As there will be a cost on solo ads, marketers must negotiate with the solo ads suppliers to get the best deal in town.

This could include providing the most recent market trends on solo ads or providing advice on solo ads marketing techniques that would ensure a successful solo ads marketing campaign.

This should help marketers to ensure the best value-for-money deal on their solo ads campaign.


4)  Frequency of Send-out

Marketers need to understand the frequency in which their preferred solo ads would be sent out using by the suppliers.

This would affect the advertising and marketing strategies of the online marketer on the business outcomes.

A consistent frequency of email sent-outs could ensure a constant reminder to targeted subscribers on the brand and business.


5) Tracking and Monitoring of Solo Ads

Solo ads should be useful with proven results; hence, there must be proper tracking and monitoring of its characteristics to validate their usefulness to the business and brand.

The degree of success would undoubtedly help marketers choose to proceed with this advertising approach or divert to an additional depending on the readily available budget plan.

There are also tools such as Clickmagick to help you ensure the validity of the traffic received.

It is essential to use these tools to make sure the traffic you receive is not bots or poor-quality sources.



Business owners and Internet marketers would be able to grow their email list quickly through solo ads if they have the proper understanding before implementation.

However, there are certain factors to be addressed before a solo ads marketing strategy can be effective in any Internet marketing campaign.

New leads need to continually be sought after from solo ads vendors to give freshness and quality leads to the company and branding while reaching a broader market.