Every consumer loves a free gift; such is the nature of consumers who are discerning in exercising their purchasing power when it comes to product or service quality in the market today.

Hence, it is common for businesses to indulge in giveaways to attract consumer interest and boost the hype around their brands and products or services.


Role of Giveaways

The apt use of giveaways by companies to create greater awareness of their brand or products brings about huge benefits.

It is a strategic marketing approach to be indulged in building the customer list to expand any business.

A giveaway could be a simple free gift of the specific value offered to customers in exchange for personal contact information, which marketers could follow with more attractive offers.

Web visitors to the business website or sales page could be enticed by the free gift to be a strong supporter of the brand or company.

The well-thought giveaway could be related to the product or service in the promotion. It could function as a trial run or sample product to introduce consumers to the new offering by the company or brand.

This could include free videos, reports, or e-books of relevant and useful information to consumers.

If web visitors are attracted to the free gift, they would want more and this would prompt them to opt into the call-to-action response generated by the business.


Increasing ROI

Giveaways are highly effective in increasing the returns for the business. It is a dynamic marketing strategy.

Web visitors on the website could be enticed by the attractiveness of the offer through the giveaway and exercise greater buying power in online purchases.

Well-designed creativity in the choice of giveaways works to spike up the self-interest of web visitors so that businesses could leverage to build their consumer’s mailing list quickly.

With the right communication skills and personalized marketing strategies, giveaways could boost consumer trust in the brand and company.

This could encourage more sales that bring in more profits for the business. Giveaways are very low in cost to bring in high returns. This would spike profits easily for the company to enjoy higher bottom lines. It is a very attractive marketing strategy that marketers could indulge in easily, even for new and small businesses that understand the concept and dynamics well.


Instrumental Factors

There are certain factors of consideration in manipulating giveaways aptly for the best returns to the business.

Business owners and marketers could leverage the benefits of giveaways by adhering to specific factors of focused marketing.


1) Dynamic Website

The website is the first place in which web visitors drop by to check out potential business deals on available products and services. Hence, the website must be well-designed to be professional with a strong image that impresses web visitors.

The website must be user-friendly for simple and direct navigation to all sections for an easy and quick find on desired products or services.

However, the website must not be glaringly hard selling with an over-emphasis on products and services but offers relevant and up-to-date information that benefits web visitors.


2) Interactive Web Pages

Interactive web pages attract the interest of web visitors where giveaways are offered through an interactive session with the web visitor.

A simple ‘like’ request on the webpage or presented article is highly effective in interacting and forging a strong friendship with the web visitor for further communications and marketing purposes.

Web visitors could be asked to comment or feedback on products, services, or brands offered on the web page, which prove to procure important market information for further business development.

Plugins could be manipulated to enhance online interactions with web visitors where text messages or emails could be sent to supportive consumers via headphones and browsers.


3) Participation in Giveaway Contests

Marketers and business owners could also be creative in generating giveaway contests that serve to connect with web visitors more directly.

Such contests tend to secure web visitors’ interests who would be inclined towards the brand or company.

A simple online contest, which encourages participation with an apt giveaway, could draw many potential businesses leads to the business shores.


4) Dynamic Advertising

Giveaways are great marketing tools where effective advertising on the Internet brings about high ROIs.

Good advertising attracts quality web visitors who could be transformed into business subscribers for growing the business. A dynamic advertisement via an attractive giveaway could go viral in attracting large crowds of web consumers.

The business list size could grow from the increased traffic to the website as dynamic advertising is undertaken.

Different products and services could be advertised across the Internet while targeting niche markets for excellent business outcomes.


5) Well-defined Goals and Targets

A business mailing list could grow with the right business goals and targets well defined.

This offers a clear direction to business owners and marketers on the path to business growth and success.

In addition, adopting the right giveaways at the right marketing season for different products and services would impact the business outcomes in meeting business goals and targets.

Business owners and marketers need to be focused on their well-thought-out business goals and objectives within specific timeframes to gain a stronger position in the market.

Giveaways are highly instrumental in achieving this objective.



Today, modern businesses need a continual supply of web traffic to their website to convert these into business customers as quickly as possible.

The use of giveaways is very dynamic in achieving such business goals rapidly to boost the market presence of the brand or company regardless of the business size.

Great creative inspirations could generate dynamic marketing campaigns using apt giveaways to secure a stronger market position for the brand and company.

With the right business goals and identified target audience, businesses could enjoy more customers lining up to be part of the business mailing list for more benefits through giveaways.

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